Art, Poetry & Conversation With Toni Picasso

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Jul 26, 2023


Artspace 304
304 W Walnut St
Carbondale, IL 62901


Open to the public

An Envisioning Justice Activation Event
Hosted by the A Gift of Love Charity
Free food and drinks provided during the event

This event is great for people of all ages, families, and young people.

Please join us as we reimagine what a supportive environment for the children of incarcerated parents or siblings might look like. Antonio L. Burton, also known as “Toni Picasso” will join us as we have a discussion about what steps we can take as a society to provide better support to students whose parent(s) or family member(s) are currently incarcerated.  We will do this by creating art and sharing poetry together.

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Antonio with a guest during the art project session of the evening. (Photo by CM Designs and Photography)

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Antonio seated with guests during the art project session of the evening. (Photo by CM Designs and Photography)

More About...

Toni Picasso
Toni Picasso

Antonio L. Burton, also known as “Toni Picasso,” is a native of Decatur, Illinois.  His faith in Jesus Christ has fueled his fluent gift in all arts, mediums, and skills. In 2012, Antonio earned a bachelor’s in 2-D Design with an emphasis in painting from Eastern Illinois University. Since then he has hit the ground running, laying a foundation in his field of study as a freelance artist in both Illinois and Missouri. Antonio’s hope is to paint into the heart of others a new color of life that will not only inspire others, but also impact communities using the gifts God has given him.

A Gift of Love Charity

A Gift of Love Charity, Inc.‘s mission is to provide arts, education, and agricultural programs without financial or displacement boundaries placed upon these services. 

The vision of the organization is to educate the community so they gain knowledge of the arts, education, and agricultural programs allowing them to see a future for themselves far beyond what they could imagine. 


This event is presented in partnership with A Gift of Love Charity and is part of the 2023 Envisioning Justice Activation Series.


Illinois Humanities is collaborating with community organizations in six Illinois towns to host free public arts and educational programs for all ages. These six events featuring the artists, educators, and organizers behind Envisioning Justice RE:ACTION create opportunities to for us to reimagine timely conversations about justice, safety, community, and belonging.

Learn more about the 2023 Envisioning Justice Activation Series and our Envisioning Justice program at

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